Chip Myles

Host of Juke Joint Jive

Growing up in the projects in Cement City (aka NY City), along with serving 8 years of hard time in a correctional facility, was rough.  Especially, when the guards wore the penguin uniforms (nuns).  Leisure-time activities included listening to Murray the K and cousin Brucey on a transistor radio.  Bring on a mayo sandwich and a root beer fizzy and you have a happy inmate.  On weekends, voices would come out of this magical piece of furniture, that was roped off by yellow caution tape.  People named Ray, Frank, Dizzy, Ella, Billie, Tito, and Miles were always stuck inside.  Bring on the 70's, hundreds of records in assorted orange crates (WNEW 102.7); Allison Steele (still going strong) and I joined the Navy! This is where the conception of Chip Myles began.  Lots of parties; some would bring food, some would bring beverages, yours truly would bring tunes.  Upon stumbling into Brevard (Circa 1982 to Circa 1987), I quickly set-up objectives: do AM radio; listen to WFIT 89.5FM; attend as many festivals, concerts, and shows as possible, great people along the way. Fifteen years into a new century, a 27-year gig with the Health Department ended in Retirement. Fortunately, I met those objectives, plus one: be an on-air personality at the greatest station of the college nation...WFIT 89.5FM. Tune in to Listen to my program, Blues to Brimstone, where I'll play Blues and Gospel music on Saturday mornings from 6 AM to 8 AM.  Send me an e-mail with your favorite request to

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