Rick Glasby

Broadcast Journalist

Rick Glasby is a Broadcast Journalist at WFIT.  He reports on developments at the Kennedy Space Center, as well as volunteering during WFIT pledge drives.

Rick’s love of radio began at the campus radio station of a small engineering college in upstate New York.  Drafted for the Viet Nam war, he was fortunate to be sent in the opposite direction to host afternoon drive at “The Rock of East Africa” (an American Forces radio station in Asmara, Ethiopia).  He spent the following 10 years working in commercial radio in suburban New York, Fort Pierce, and Daytona Beach.

Rick transitioned to multimedia production (hey, the money was better than radio), and worked for companies in the Washington, DC area, creating interactive marketing and training programs for private sector and government clients.  Upon his return to Florida, he was thrilled to find listener-supported public radio WFIT (89.5 FM).  He had come home.

Ways to Connect

NASA Greenbelt

NASA's Parker Solar Probe is set for an early Saturday launch from Cape Canaveral.  Dr. Eugene Parker is in town for the launch, and gave his odds for a successfull mission:

Marine Resources Council

A long-awaited report report on the health of the Indian River Lagoon was released by the non-profit Marine Resources Council.  It monitors the health of the lagoon over a 20 year period. The report tracks five vital signs that indicate the water quality and health of the habitat.  The 156-mile-long lagoon was divided into 10 sections, running from Volusia County all the way down to Martin County.  That’s one-third of the entire East Coast of Florida.  Although conditions varied widely, in general, the health of the lagoon is bad.  In Volusia and Brevard Counties, the water quality is rated

NASA's Goddard Space Flight center

NASA is slated to launch Parker Solar Probe on Saturday, August 11th.  Learn more about this mission "to touch the sun" in this video from WFIT's Rick Glasby:

NASA is sending almost 6,000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station.  WFIT's Rick Glasby tells us what's on board the SpaceX Dragon capsule.


NASA is scheduled to launch the GOES-S weather satellite this Thursday evening.  The two-hour launch window opens at 5:02PM.