Florida Tech President Discusses Decision to Transition Foosaner

Feb 1, 2018

In the wake of the announcement that the Foosaner Art Museum will close at its Eau Gallie location later this year, with its art collection likely to be relocated closer to the Florida Tech campus, Florida Tech President Dwayne McCay offered additional insight into the Board of Trustees’ decision.

Since Florida Tech took over operations of the museum seven years ago, Florida Tech has spent over $7 million to keep it open, he said. At its meeting Jan. 26, the board agreed that such spending was no longer a viable option for the university, even as additional upgrades are needed at the facility.

“Over time, it’s just become an untenable situation to continue to pour money (in) when there is very little support from any other sector,” McCay said.

In thinking of ways to honor past donors, McCay said he expects the museum to continue to be called Foosaner Art Museum at its future location, possibly on the Florida Tech campus.