The reporter Christiane Amanpour has said: "We are at peril and at risk if we don't know the difference between truth and lies. Truth and lies are the only thing that separates us from democracy and dictatorship."

So how can you tell when a story is true or false? How can we know whether a photo or video has been doctored? Can we trust what we read in the paper, hear on the radio or podcasts, or see on T.V.? Who is controlling the message that massive media conglomerates pump out every minute of every day? Who is spinning the message?

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Brevard Schools Foundation is partnering with our community to raise $5,000 to fund grants up to $250 each for our incredible teachers in Brevard Public Schools.

We often hear from teachers who need new classroom furniture, new game sets, specialty book sets, therapy tools and more that are not part of the budget.  Instead of teachers having to reach into their own pockets, we want to raise funds as a community to show our support.

Enjoy a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with over 250 cars that range from classic American muscle cars, to modern “sophisticated” muscle cars and support Melbourne’s up and coming ballet company at the same time. 

Event Helps Kids Grow / World's Greatest Baby Shower



Mothers and fathers worry, especially newer moms and dads. They have questions. They need answers.