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The weather forecast is "90% go” for a NASA/SpaceX launch this Friday at 4:43 PM. The Dragon spacecraft is taking supplies and equipment to the International Space Station, including an inflatable habitat. WFIT’s Rick Glasby files this report from the Kennedy Space Center

Orion Spacecraft

The last mission for NASA’s Orion spacecraft was December 2014. WFIT’s Rick Glasby tells us when we can expect the next Orion flight.

The weather forecast is 90% favorable for Tuesday night’s launch of a cargo ship to the International Space Station.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby reports from Cape Canaveral. 

The next launch from Cape Canaveral is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22nd at 11:05PM.  Orbital ATK will be sending a cargo ship to the International Space Station.  And on the way back, the vehicle will host the biggest man-made fire in space… ever.  Rick Glasby explains it all in this video.

SpaceX Feb 25th Launch

Feb 24, 2016

SpaceX will attempt to launch a communications satellite Thursday evening.  If weather scrubs the mission, they’ll try again tomorrow evening.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby is at the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.