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SpaceX Feb 25th Launch

Feb 24, 2016

SpaceX will attempt to launch a communications satellite Thursday evening.  If weather scrubs the mission, they’ll try again tomorrow evening.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby is at the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

A major part of the Orion spacecraft arrived at the Kennedy Space Center this week.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby talked to NASA officials about the Orion mission.

There will be a new spacecraft launching from Cape Canaveral.  NASA has awarded the new round of contracts to send cargo to the International Space Station, and one of the winners is Sierra Nevada Corporation, with their innovative Dream Chaser spacecraft.  Rick Glasby gives us a glimpse of what it will look like.

SpaceX made history Monday evening at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station by launching a rocket, and then landing the rocket booster back on Earth.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby reports.

SpaceX is targeting a launch of its Falcon 9 rocket for Monday night at 8:33 PM.  This would be the first launch of a Falcon 9 since last June’s mishap, when the rocket exploded shortly after lift-off.  This may also be the first time that SpaceX attempts to land the 14-story-tall rocket booster back on land.  Expect a sonic boom about 10 minutes after lift-off if all goes as planned as the booster returns to Earth.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby files this video report.