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On Thursday, the effervescent Beebs will join us to talk about her benefit concert for The Verdi Eco School at Standard Collective in Eau Gallie on May 4. We’ll also talk about performing on the final Vans Warp Tour this summer. Catch Beebs this Thursday at noon on Sound Waves.


Leo Delibes is almost forgotten today, but he was well-known as a composer of comic operas and ballets in the days of the Second Empire in Paris -- perhaps a bit overshadowed by his contemporary, Jacques Offenbach. We'll look at his ballet, Coppelia on Mozart's Attic this Thursday night. It's a rollicking score with folk dances from the four corners of Europe, all brought to a light and lively  production for the Parisian stage.

Just as the Salon traditionalists scorned the Impressionist painters, the French musical academicians were contemptuous of the musical impressionists. The conservatives were already hollering at Claude Debussy, and they only got louder when he debuted his set of symphonic sketches, La Mer. It all seems so silly now.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit among your Monets and Renoirs, and enjoy La Mer this week.

You know what they say about revenge and living well!

We've got old Italian music covered from A to V this week... That's right, from Andrea Anzalone to Antonio Vivaldi.

It will be a diverse program this Thursday as we cover music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque years, when Italy was a collection of politically diverse city-states, not yet a unified country, but still a center of musical development for the continent.

Counts and archdukes may have been pretty important fellows in their day, but who would now remember Andrey Razumovsky, Ferdinand von Waldstein, or Rudolph Rainier of Habsburg-Lorraine had they not been immortalized by Beethoven's music in thanks for their patronage?

We'll look at some of Beethoven's dedicatees in this week's program.