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For 16 days this month the Brevard Wildlife Corridor has hosted a moving festival, exploring the great outdoors in our county. Brevard is the first county to offer this unique experience, patterned after last year's Florida Wildlife Corridor. The goal: get people outdoors to experience and appreciate the outdoors the Space Coast. 

Florida Wildlife Corridor Film: Vision Of A Connected Land

Apr 18, 2013

Last year four explorers took an epic journey through the Florida outdoors. They traveled the entire length of the state to raise public awareness for the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a vision to connect what remains of the natural lands and waterways of Florida's interior. Expedition members documented the journey through photography, social media updates, special events along the way and a documentary film. It's called Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Everglades to Okefenokee, and is now showing on public television stations throughout the state.

Local Expedition Connects Land And People

Apr 9, 2013

Brevard County's outdoor enthusiasts will have many opportunities to explore the county's natural areas during the first ever Brevard Wildlife Corridor Expedition, through April 21st. During the expedition local conservationists will lead participants on a series of outdoor excursions throughout the Space Coast. Organizers hope to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the county's natural places.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution bans restricting free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and peacefully assembling or petitioning. Many U.S. college students learn about the first amendment, but never experience life without it. Imagine not being allowed to choose what you eat for lunch, not being able to freely congregate with your friends or being forced to limit your conversations to only approved topics.

Palm Bay Scrub Jays Get New Lease On Life

Jan 24, 2013
Vince Lamb

Recently, some Brevard County residents received a letter notifying them that some of their neighborhood birds were about to be captured and relocated to a conservation area. Partners in this effort - Brevard Zoo and state and federal wildlife services - say the move will be beneficial to the birds. For Florida scrub jays life in the suburbs is not always easy.