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Bounties Uncovered: Paying For Pain In The NFL


A National Football League investigation revealed yesterday that the New Orleans Saints had a bounty program. Players were paid bonuses off the books for putting game-ending hits on opposing players. The NFL says bounties were paid for the past three seasons, including 2009 when the Saints won the Super Bowl. Defensive players were offered $1000 for a cart off - an injury so bad a player would be carted off the field - and $1,500 for a knockout, which needs no explanation.

Greg Williams, who was then the Saints defensive coordinator, administered the program with the knowledge of head coach Sean Payton. Greg Williams was hired by the St. Louis Rams in January. He released a statement admitting guilt yesterday, saying: It was a terrible mistake and we knew it was wrong while we were doing it; instead of getting caught up in it, I should've stopped it.

The NFL has yet to announce any penalties.


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