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First Watch: Bjork, 'Mutual Core'

Nick and Warren
Courtesy of the artist

Which thing is true?

A) Bjork made a video where she cruises the streets in an old pink Chevy convertible while looking for love.

B) Bjork made a video about shifting tectonic plates where she's buried waist deep in sand.

If you answered B, then you know your Bjork and you could probably guess that this video, directed by L.A. filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, is a bit weird and smartly done. The video features the song "Mutual Core" from Bjork's 2011 album Biophilia.

Soon to be released is an album that re-imagines Bjork's 2011 album Biophilia. That remix album, called Bastards,will include two remixes of "Mutual Core," by Matthew Herbert and These New Puritans, along with remixes of other tracks by Death Grips, 16-bit, Alva Noto, Hudson Mohawke, Omar Souleyman and The Slips. Bastards comes out November 19, but for now you can watch this perfectly bizarre and visually stimulating video for "Mutual Core."

And if you're wondering how all these shifting tectonic shifts were created, we also have a behind-the-scenes video on how the heck they made this bit of magic.

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