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Melania Trump's Bright Green Dress On Final RNC Night Screams Meme

Months of practice fiddling with Zoom's virtual background feature primed the Internet for this moment.

When first lady Melania Trump appeared at the last night of the RNC Thursday, she wore a Valentino dress in a lime green shade — a green screen green, of sorts. And as she walked down the steps of the White House, everyone who spent the past four nights hate-watching the proceedings saw their time to shine.

Images referencing the more than 180,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, as well as the immigration crisis at the border were plastered onto the dress, online, last night.

There were some lighter jabs, too:

Green is a color that often nets the first lady some added attention. Her military-style olive green dress on Wednesday had New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman dubbing her "dressed for battle." And then there was the green jacket she infamously wore in 2018, on her way to visit detained immigrant children in Texas, that read in big white letters: "I really don't care, Do U?"

Far be it for anyone to tell anyone else what to wear, but bright meme green seems like an easy color to want to avoid. Just ask Queen Elizabeth II.

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