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No permit, no problem: Permitless carry gun law takes effect July 1


Floridians will be able to carry concealed guns without a permit starting on Saturday.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the billin April, which will do away with mandatory training, licensing fees and background checks needed to carry a concealed firearm.

Aubrey Jewett, political professor at the University of Central Florida, said there are some concerns that this new permitless carry law may result in an increase in violent crime.

He cited a 2019 study by the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies.

"And they found that states that adopted these right to carry laws permitless carry this kind of thing, saw an increase in violent crime over the next decade of between, say, 10 and 15%."

Jewett adds that there is not much support for the new law among residents.

"And we actually also saw a poll at a university in North Florida that said, maybe more than 70% of Floridians don't like this new law."

The new law allows anyone who can legally own a gun in Florida to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

People who do carry must provide valid identification if requested by law enforcement.

This law does not allow you to cross state lines or enter areas that prohibit firearms.

You can still get a concealed weapon permit from the state, which provides reciprocity in some other states.

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Talia Blake