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Longtime Brevard County Musician Eddy Fischer has Passed Away

Longtime Brevard County Musician, Eddy Fischer has passed away.

On The FlipSide Archives: Robin & Eddy 2006
An Acoustic Record with Java John
Live In Studio 11/2/2006

I first met Eddy Fischer 28 years ago, when I first started working at a place where I got my nickname, Java The Hut - Coffeehouse, in Indian Harbour Beach, Fl.

He would come around on Sunday nights for the open mic. Every once in a while, he would stick around after all the musicians and audience went home, and he would reach inside his coat, and say “ want one of these?!”

As we were puffing on these amazing giant Cuban cigars (from a “friend” in Canada), Eddy would regale me with great stories of hanging out in Los Angeles, Laural Canyon, and the like during the artistic and musical renaissance of the late 60s and early 70s that occurred there.

Eddy often told me stories about hanging with Papa Denny Doherty (Canadian. Coincidence? lol) the member of the mamas and papas who sang lead Monday Monday, and California Dreaming. Oh, and he hung out with Michelle Phillips too.

Shortly after the Mamas and Papas broke up, Denny went to work on his first solo album, released in 1970.

On that album our pal Eddy Fisher co-wrote some tracks, plays acoustic guitar, and sings harmonies throughout the record with Denny. He can even be heard in a little bit of the studio chatter!

The album is called “Whatcha Gonna Do”, and It is truly a fantastic LP. The perfect bridge from the 60s to the 70s.

Eddy always would tell me, “someday Denny is going to come down here and visit, as he does from time to time, and when he does I’m gonna get him to perform for you here”!

The next year, late on a Sunday night, I believe it was after everybody left the open mic, that Eddy came in and introduced me to a young lady name Robin Krasny, whom he met earlier that week. They had sang together a few times, thought it sounded great and wanted to come and try it out on the stage. So that was the stage - at Java The Hut , and I was the audience! A short time later they came in after business hours and recorded a video there as well which was a lot of fun! They also recorded track for the 'Coffeehouse Hootenanny' CD, which was my first CD cover design gig.


In the meantime, I had met my wife to be Jennifer English, when she came in to Java The Hut. It ended up taking a year to get Jennifer to start dating me, but we married three months later! She had become a big fan of Robin and Eddy while hanging out a The Hut. 1,000 Kisses Was her absolute favorite Robin and Eddy song! And she indeed loved both of them.

Robin and Eddy along with other friends would end up performing at several benefits for Jennifer while she was going through cancer treatments. Robin was there for her all along too.

As a matter fact, I’ve been witness to them performing at dozens of fundraisers for dozens of causes and individuals. Including our very own Public radio WFIT!!

They’ve also volunteered their musical and hosting skills to the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival for 21 years!

A few months after Jennifer and I got married, the legendary Java the hut closed down, and we bought all of their gear, with plans to open our own Coffeehouse, based on themes of the old Greenwich Village…

About two years later, we opened Kool Beanz Coffeehouse in Cocoa Village. The premiere acoustic venue, and coolest joint in town. Robin and Eddy were well seasoned at this point, and played for us there regularly, to great success.

Eddy called up one day and said “I’ve got a friend coming to town!” Sweet, I thought - Denny! He said yes name is Vince, Vince Martin.

Vince used to be partnered with Fred Neil back in Greenwich Village in the heyday. “Do you want us to come play your place??!” Absolutely! I said.

So, on that night we had a evening of Robin and Eddy music, and Vince Martin featuring Eddy Fisher. The music was magical. Especially when they sang Fred’s “ The Dolphins”. One of my all-time favorite songs! I get chills thinking of that night right now.

Vince was a funny man, but I don’t think he would’ve fared well with today’s Me-Too movement. My wife refused to have him return. Enough said! Maybe even too much said! Let’s move right along…

A very short time later Eddy called me up again, he said “I got a friend coming in town!” Lol. Yeah, this time it was Denny Doherty! He was coming to sing on some tracks with Robin and Eddy in the studio, for a CD they were working on. “Oh, and by the way, we would all be delighted to come to a concert at Kool Beanz!!”

The day came, and just what an amazing performance by the three of these people. That coupled with the fact that Denny would stop and sign autographs for anybody that wanted, and told stories until the last person left the building. Eddy held up his end of the deal. Thank you brother. As John Prine said “ memories like those just can’t be bought’n”.

Around that time FM Odyssey's Fred Migliore had an incredible interview with Mr Doherty along with R&E.

As the years rolled on, I photographed Robin and Eddy a number of times, created art for them a number of times, including their logo...Eddy and I were working on ideas the week he went in the hospital, as well. I've had R&E on my radio shows, and I’ve appreciated their music, love and friendship as much as any others.

Robin and Eddy would continue recording and performing for the next 27 years right up until Eddy went into the hospital a few weeks ago. It turns out our dear (unvaccinated) friend had been infected with Covid. And now he is gone.

Eddy’s family, Robin and their band mates, Brevard County, and the world really, have lost a really special, and talented man.

I hope, I’m sure - that in the long run his musical legacy will live on forever!

…But I also truly do hope that his immediate legacy is to show others that don’t believe that this virus is real, that it is indeed real, and it can infect you in an instant. Throughout our great friendship, there have been plenty of times when we didn’t see eye to eye on certain things. I wish this had not have been one of them.

You folks please be careful and safe out there. I love you all too.

Eddy Fisher passed away on The evening of August 17, just after 8 PM, in Melbourne Florida, as a Robin and Eddy song “Starman” was being played for him.

Rest In Peace brother Eddy.
I’ll catch ya on the flipside.
Java John 2021

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