Surely Franz Liszt had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his keyboard virtuosity.

That's what they said, anyway, and rumors of the diabolical didn't hurt his reputation among those concert-goers who were willing to walk ever-so-slightly on the wild side. His music was devilishly difficult to play, that's for sure, and we'll hear some of it this Thursday night

Clyde Butcher’s Florida Photos Focus of New Foosaner Exhibit

May 23, 2019
Florida Tech

Powerful and haunting photographs of Florida landscapes will fill the galleries at Foosaner Art Museum starting June 8 with the opening of Clyde Butcher: Florida’s Photographer.  Clyde Butcher will be available for a book signing at the museum on Saturday June 8th.



Meet the weather forecasters who make the go/no-go decision for rocket launches from the Cape.

WFIT will kick off Memorial Day Weekend with an encore performance with 

Arthur Rubinstein at Carnegie Hall

We have a historic recording set for this Thursday, featuring one of the legendary musicians of the 20th century.

Arthur Rubinstein performs the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1in a 1946 performance with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Dimitri Mitropoulos, who would later be named music director of the New York Philharmonic.

So here we have the dean of classical pianists, a regional orchestra, and an up-and-coming conductor; it's a combination that makes for some great energy. Tune in and see what you think.