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Johann Hermann Schein's musical career paralleled in many ways that which would be followed by J.S. Bach, a century his junior. He didn't leave anywhere near the body of work that Bach did, and is little known today, but he was an assimilator and an innovator too. Secular, instrumental music? We don't have much, but we'll look at some of what he left us this Thursday night.


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The highlight of this daylong conference is a luncheon featuring a conversation with Simon Le Bon, lead singer of the iconic rock band Duran Duran. The Summit will also feature workshops tailored to arts and cultural organizations, artists of all genres and arts-related businesses.

Leopold Mozart was upset with his willful son, who had lost his job with the Salzburg Cathedral, burnt his bridges with the archbishop, moved to Vienna to work freelance, and now had married some young singer from the city. He disapproved of all of it.

And now, young Wolfgang was returning to stage a new work for the hometown crowd -- which included a solo to show off his new wife.

Well, it couldn't hurt to see what the prodigal son had come up with.

What it was was the Great Mass in C minor, and it's our featured work for this Thursday night.

Hot from performing at our Sonic Waves Music Festival, get ready for some high energy rock N roll from