Join us for a fun-filled studio session with The Big Takeover.

The band blends sweet soulful horns with a lively ska beat.

Since 2007 this New York band has been entertaining audiences all over the country.

The band perfroms live and Sound Waves host Todd Kennedy talks with lead singer NeeNee Rushie.



We begin this week's program with music from the Ukrainian Romantic composer, Mykola Lysenko, combining national themes with forms borrowed from J.S. Bach.

Then we'll hear some 20th-century music of Saint Saens in an improvisational style. No, it's not jazz -- or is it?

At about the same time, Ralph Vaughan Williams wrote some music inspired by 16th-century English idiom. We'll contrast that with some English music of that era, and then we'll cross over to 1620s Italy to see what Claudio Monteverdi was up to.

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We had great Live In Studio Session with Anja & The Dreamers.  You can hear the session and see video from it below.

Should shark fishing on Florida beaches be restricted?

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking for comments on shore-based shark fishing regulations during an open public workshop meeting

on Monday, August 27 6pm at the Hilton Melbourne Rialto Hotel. WFIT spoke to Jim Simmons, mayor of Melbourne Beach, lifelong surfer and ocean lover