• Future Echos Host

    Born: Naples, Italy
    Type of show: Eclectic, acoustic and electronic music (primarily instrumental) with world influences.
    Years living on the Space Coast: 21 yrs
    Favorite artists: M. C. Escher and Dali

  • Saturday Blues Host

    The music you listen to is the soundtrack of your life.
    - Tom Bayes

    Born: Falls Church, VA
    Type of show: Blues
    Years living on the Space Coast: 24 years
    Favorite musicians/artists: I like them all

  • FM Odyssey Host

    His radio career began in 1991 with Another Unconventional Sunday Morning (AUSM), a three-hour innovative show blending esoteric folk/rock with new and emerging singer/songwriters. The show still airs on WFIT – a...

  • It’s All the Blues Host

    Born:  Detroit, Michigan
    Type of show: Classic blues, early R & B, roots of rock’n roll, best of new blues and requests.
    Favorite artists: Bill Doggett, Louis Jordan, T-Bone Walker, Muddy, Wolf, Little Willie John, 5 Royales,...

  • Mozart's Attic Host

    Originally from central Massachusetts, Jay has called the Space Coast home for more than 30 years. He began his association with WFIT in the late '90s as a dumpster diver for office furniture in response to a broadcast plea for a new chair from...