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Make A Green Noise A Just Transition to Clean Energy


The MAKE A GREEN NOISE Environmental Justice Forums are designed to build and develop key partner capacity to evaluate and incorporate trusted approaches to share information with residents that help them make informed decisions about their climate and environmental future. These initiatives bring together lived and learned experience to outline and plan a strategic approach to; engage, educate, and empower communities to understand local environmental and public health issues and to identify ways to address these issues at the local level.

Welcome to "Make a Green Noise: A Just Transition to Clean Energy" Environmental Justice Forum**

Join us for an impactful journey towards a greener, more equitable future in South Brevard. Our forum, "Make a Green Noise," is a dynamic initiative designed to raise awareness, advocate for policy change, foster community engagement, and address environmental justice concerns while promoting sustainable practices and climate resilience.

**Our Objectives and Goals:**

1. **Raise Awareness**: We aim to illuminate the critical connection between environmental justice, clean energy, and public health. Through educational workshops and focus groups, we'll empower you with knowledge and awareness.

2. **Advocate for Policy Change**: Equip yourself with advocacy skills and resources to champion clean energy policies and equitable access to renewable resources. Be an active voice in shaping sustainable and just policies.

3. **Foster Community Engagement**: Connect with a diverse group of stakeholders—residents, community organizations, and environmental justice advocates. Together, we'll create a network dedicated to environmental justice.

4. **Identify and Address Legacy Pollution Concerns**: We'll work together to identify and address legacy pollution issues in South Brevard, developing action plans for environmental stewardship and public health.

5. **Encourage Sustainable Behaviors**: Learn how to adopt sustainable practices in your daily life, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future.

6. **Facilitate Climate Resilience**: Join discussions on climate resilience strategies, supporting local climate action initiatives. Together, we'll build climate-resilient communities.

7. **Create Replicable Models**: We're not just focused on South Brevard. We'll document best practices to inspire and support other communities addressing environmental justice issues.

8. **Promote Equitable Access to Clean Energy**: Our ultimate goal is to advocate for equitable access to clean energy for all communities, particularly marginalized ones. Together, we'll create a more sustainable and just energy landscape in South Brevard.

Join us in this transformative endeavor. Be part of the change, the awareness, and the action. Together, we'll make a green noise for a brighter, more equitable future. Stay tuned for event details and updates!

Terri Wright held the position of General Manager at WFIT from 1998-2023.