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Native Rhythms Festival at Wickham Park November 10-12, 2023

Native Rhythms Festival November 10 - 12, 2023 coming to you live from Wickham Park Melbourne, Florida

The Indian River Flute Circle and Native Heritage Gathering, Inc. proudly present the fifteenth annual gathering of the Native Rhythms Festival. This three day festival during Native American Heritage Month honors the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas through music, and especially the music of the Native American Flute.

Performances: http://www.nativerhythmsfestival.com/Schedule.htm


Basic Introduction to the Native American Style Flute  (Indian River & Riverwind Flute Circles)
Understanding Pow Wow Drumming  (Lowery Begay)
Threads Through Time: Traditional Twining  (Joyce Bugaiski)
Children's Workshop: Making a Corn Bead Necklace   (Joyce Bugaiski)
Walking With Wisdom and Compassion  (Will Davis)
What You Didn't Know About the Cherokee Trail of Tears  (John Ellis)
Flute Workout: Flute Exercises, Patterns, and a Whole Lot of Flute Playing   (Timothy J.P. Gomez)
Guided Meditation with Drumming  (Randy Granger)
Fluting to Improve Your Health and Wellness  (Gareth Laffely)
Finding Your Way: Clear Up Improv Chaos and Confusion  (Jonny Lipford)
Unleash 'Da Blues' with Your Native Flute  (Jonny Lipford)
She Talks to the Animals  (Shelley Morningsong & Susan Oliver)
Rhythmic Connection: Drumming and Fluting Together  (Painted Raven)
World War II Navajo Code Talkers  (John Pasko)
Flutes in the World of Electronics  (Tom Ransom)
The Art of Storytelling   (Dr. Frankie Rinaldi)
Chasing Winddancer  (Ed Winddancer)
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