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South Brevard Beekeepers offer "Hands On" Experience

SBB is a local beekeeking club that meets monthly and focuses on educating and helping people get started. We have start-up kits, tools, accessories, and materials to build hives.

Our monthly meetings held on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at Christian Development Center (343 Nail St. Palm Bay, FL 32904) will be mostly hands-on education and providing information that is specifically pertinent to the Southern Coast area. Subject matter will be relevant to the current season and weather, any insect threats, and seasonal behaviors of the bees. 6:30-7:00 is a presentation for New-Bees and 7:00-8:00 is for education and conversation.

Our mission is based on "Paying it Forward". We will help and assist every member with startup (incuding a "split" or captured swarm or hive) with the understanding that the same will be given in return to future members.


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