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Today In STEM

Today in STEM discusses what’s new in the realms of science, technology, engineering and mathematics—as all combine to make our world a better place. From outer space to the ocean’s depths, this program gives listeners an inside look at all things STEM—hearing from experts and relating their knowledge to everyday life.

Latest Episodes
  • Antarctica is undergoing dramatic climate change—and researchers are working hard to determine the lasting impact. Florida Tech Professor Dr. Rich Aronson drops in to outline the challenges faced by “The Ice” at the base of the globe.
  • Sports Doping
  • Cryptocurrency has both supporters and detractors—will it one day do away with those dollar bills in your pocket? Get ready to take notes as Florida Tech business instructor Tim Muth breaks down the basics.
  • It’s one of the most biodiverse estuaries in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s in trouble. What have scientists discovered is happening in the Indian River Lagoon? Florida Tech researcher Dr. Austin Fox shares the latest.
  • What’s that buzzing overhead? It might be a drone delivering your latest online order. Can self-flying cars be far behind? Florida Tech researcher Dr. Brian Kish gives a sneak peek at what might be next in aviation.
  • The Truth about Sharks & Dolphins
  • Brain Secrets Part 2
  • Dr. Nasri Nesnas discusses the human brain.
  • Will humans be able to one day grow vegetables on Mars? Florida Tech researcher Dr. Andrew Palmer is working hard to answer that question. He discusses an important first step taken with some out-of-this-world tomatoes.
  • Amazon Rainforest in Crisis