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WFIT's Spring Drive is a Record Breaker Thanks to Our Partners


The Spring fund drive will go down in the record books as one of the best campaigns to date!  

Our goal was to receive 500 pledges and the total so far (some pledges are still being processed) is 584!  WFIT received investments from 98 new members and 34 gifts were pledged as sustaining partnerships.

The fund drive total was over $62,000-another new record!

Thanks to everyone who pledged, those who made numerous gifts throughout the campaign and the heroes who called at the last minute to help us meet the challenges.

The phone volunteers were amazing-many coming in for multiple shifts and some even gave their own gifts while they were here.

Thanks to our individual members and the businesses who offered challenges to keep us on track and help us meet the daily goals.

WFIT is blessed to have such a huge contingent of community support!

Shout outs to all of the DJ's, volunteers and staff who put in extra hours to ensure the station's success.  Special Kudos to Sister Mary & Teena.

WFIT belongs to YOU and together we are the Super Bowl Champs of the public radio world!