The Brevard Zoo Stays Afloat During COVID 19

Mar 27, 2020



This is a challenging time for everyone as we adjust to life with COVID-19 among us. Rest assured, we will continue to connect you with nature, just in new ways. And to do this, we need your support. As a not-for-profit organization, Brevard Zoo receives no public funds. We rely on ticket sales, memberships, education program fees, donations and event revenue to care for the animals, retain a team of quality employees, and sustain conservation initiatives in our community. More than 900 animals live at the Zoo – all of them healthy and happy because of the dedicated employees who ensure they thrive. With the Zoo closed at this time, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are having a significant impact on our finances. This is the time of year we typically receive our largest number of visitors, and the Zoo closure means a loss of one-third of our annual income. However, whether or not the Zoo is open, our commitment to our animals, employees and community continue. That’s why now more than ever, your support is critical. Make a one-time gift or recurring pledge, purchase a membership, or host an online fundraiser. You can make a huge impact during this time. Here’s How You Can Help.