Florida Wildlife Hospital Volunteer Opportunites in 2019

Dec 7, 2018

Quinn, Red Shouldered Hawk. An ambassador for the Florida Wildlife Hospital, lost his toes on his right foot due to fishing line.
Chelsea Goss, Assistant Director with the Florida Wildlife Hospital and Quinn.

  MissionOur Mission is to aid injured, sick, and orphaned native Florida wildlife and migratory birds and return them to their place in the ecosystem. 

We are located at 
4560 N US Hwy 1
Palm Shores, FL 32935 ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFOhttp://www.floridawildlifehospital.org MORE INFOAboutThe Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to Florida’s wildlife in need. We aid sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife and return them to the wild. http://www.floridawildlifehospital.org Company OverviewFWH is open 365 days a year to admit native Florida wildlife and migratory birds. Nearly 5,000 animals are admitted each year. Some of the animals that we aid i... See More