International Student Spotlight Features Ashhar Hanfi from Pakistan

Aug 11, 2015

In honor of Pakistan's Independence Day on 14 August, this week's International Student Spotlight features Ashhar Hanfi from Pakistan.  Ashhar is  is an undergraduate student majoring in Sustainability in the Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences and works as a Facility Attendant at the Clemente Center.  Ashhar's passion towards his major in Sustainability really comes through in his discussion with EJ Castor, program host, as does his love for his country, Pakistan.  Ashhar  looks forward to Pakistan's emergence from the country's current negative status on the world stage to one where tourists can return and enjoy the beauty of his hometown, Islamabad. [Scheduled to air on 12 August 2015]. Credit given to Muzammil Arshad for bringing Pakistan's Independence day to our attention and sharing the YouTube video link.

Ashhar Hanfi from Pakistan.
Credit Angel Vasquez