International Student Spotlight Features Rodolphe Routier Enjelvin from France

Sep 15, 2015

Rodolphe Routier Enjelvin stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in a Florida Tech International Student Spotlight, hosted and produced by EJ Castor.  Rodolphe came to Florida Tech from Nice, France where he was enrolled in the Skema Business School.  He is at Florida Tech for one semester and is taking courses in Aviation Management.  In the Spring, Rodolphe will move to Arizona to attend pilot training and obtain his Visual Flight Rules certification.  He will then transfer to England to attend the Oxford Aviation Academy to finalize the requirements for obtaining his commercial pilot license.  Rodolphe's dream is to one day fly the biggest airplane in the inventory, the Airbus.  Ultimately, he hopes to return to the US to live and work for a US airline.

Rodolphe Routier Enjelvin, a Florida Tech International Student from Nice, France.
Credit Rodolphe Routier Enjelvin