Local 518 Live In Studio at WFIT

Apr 4, 2019

David Pastorius (bass), Al Brodeur (guitar) and Alex Petrosky (drums) create an amazing jazz rock fusion sound that you have to hear to believe.

A Florida native, David Pastorius has made a name for himself through his original music and unique sound. Influenced by great bassists like Louis Johnson, Stu Hamm, Steve Harris, Flea and Robert Trujillo - David is humbled to find a place among the greats through his solo music, his band Local 518 and playing alongside other amazing musicians. David just realeased a full-length studio album, Radio Gold.  

Though he always appreciates the fans of his uncle, iconic Bassist Jaco Pastorius, David has set out to create an original sound for himself that breaks genre barriers. Rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz have all played a major role in shaping his bass sound and playing style.