New Music Programs on WFIT

Feb 13, 2018

WFIT will be adding some new shows to our programming line-up on February 16. Lucy of Lucy’s Sonic Garage will be moving to Friday Nights 7pm-10pm. Rebranded as The Lucy Show, Lucy will bring a good time rock & roll party to the airwaves.
The Friday night party will continue as we welcome Eta Santoro to WFIT. Many of you met Eta when she helped during our last fund drive. Eta was a DJ at her college radio station WITR Rochester, NY.
She hosted music shows and was WITR Production Director, produced band recordings and was Rivendell Automation manager. Eta Santoro will bring valuable skills and her love of public radio to WFIT.
Eta will be hosting a new funk, soul, dance party show Friday nights 10pm. Please welcome Eta to our WFIT family.
In other programming news, The Sonic Garage Tuesday nights at 10pm will continue with the same attitude and good times with new host Robilly Sunshine.