Private Radio Farewell Show

Jul 22, 2019

Due to music copyrights restrictions, the audio has been removed.

Sandman has spent a lifetime attending concerts including many in other countries.

A lifetime lived according to his passions - art, music, film, travel, food and wine - led him to WFIT in 1999 and to the creation of PrivateRadio.

A belief that listeners are intelligent and open to music they have never heard, and his quest to share every musical discovery inform each show. A deep passion for this medium and what good radio is, propels him to spend countless hours searching out artists and bands that might rarely receive airplay otherwise, with a particular emphasis on Britain.

With listeners around the country and some in Europe and Turkey, Sandman is committed to the universality of good radio and great music.

His motto is, "Open your mind, broaden your taste, and turn it up!"

Sandman retired June 15, 2019