Private Radio Farewell Show June 15

Jun 11, 2019

WFIT music host Sandman has spent a lifetime attending concerts including many in other countries. A lifetime lived according to his passions - art, music, film, travel, food and wine - led him to WFIT in 1999 and to the creation of PrivateRadio

After sharing his passion for music on PrivateRadio for 20 years, help us recognize Sandman’s retirement. 

Listen to 89.5 WFIT this Saturday, June 15 8am – 11am for PrivateRadio’s goodbye show in a special 3 hour program.

A compilation and reflection of diverse and eclectic music, special guests with a healthy dose of The Grateful Dead. 

Tune in this Saturday at 8 am to 11 and help us wish Sandman a heartfelt farewell.

“Open your mind, broaden your taste, and turn it up”