PSA From WFIT - Exercise Your Right To Vote

Oct 31, 2014

Election Day  2014 - Tuesday, November 4 is finally upon us. People often say, "my vote won't count" or declare that the "system is broken." The American voter's confidence in politicians and government has decreased and voter turnout remains low.                

I was brooding over this sorry state of affairs as I opened an email from Andrew Mackenzie. Andrew is an audio producer from a small town in Iowa. He is not affiliated with any political party or political organization. Andrew said that he had become increasingly concerned and dismayed by the influence of Big Money and special interests in our political process. 

So Andrew created several PSAs to remind people that their votes still determine who gets into office, regardless of how much money gets spent on political campaigns.

As PSA Director, I offer you these compelling reminders that every citizen has the right and obligation to vote. My personal favorite is the third and final one - Don't Be Crazy!

Here's one specifically for those of us living in "voter suppression" states:

And finally, just for fun, Andrew's PSA about the necessity for keeping crazy people out of public office:

For additional voting information, visit the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections website.