WFIT Makin Music Instrument Donation Program

Aug 14, 2017

Great news WFIT’s Makin the Music Program is back! Donated instruments are refurbished and given to aspiring young musicians.  If you have a musical instrument that is gathering dust in a closet, put it to good use making music through our local school music programs.  For more information or to donate please call us at (321)674-8950.  Help make a budding musician’s dream come true, and give that instrument a chance to make some beautiful music again.

We're so excited! We've received our first instrument donation on August 8th. A great big Thanks to Mike Ashdown for his donation of 2 cornets & a music stand. And Thanks to Sam Ashdown, Mike's brother and WFIT sustainer for dropping them off to us at the WFIT Broadcast Center.


We also know of a student in need of a Euphonium, so if you have one you'd like to donate, give us a call (321)674-8950 or e-mail us at