On The Flipside

Monday, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

A radio show based on the classic AOR/free form radio format of the '60s and '70s.


As we close out this year of 2019, A year that has been full of celebration for the 50th anniversaries of everything 1969, that year full of moon landings and historic rock concerts & great albums...

TONIGHT we Celebrate another seminal year. Halfway from '69...The 25th anniversary of the music of 1994! Hell, they had a Woodstock too.

Wednesday night, September 11th, 2019


I remember it like it was yesterday. It was November 3, 2008, the night before Election Day, and I was politely minding my own business watching the David Letterman Show when Jenny Lewis brought her acid tongue to Late Night! Wow: this was the first time I had ever seen her perform, and I blasted it as she sang a song called “Carpetbaggers” with Elvis Costello. My mind was blown!


Having been born in 1960, naturally I was a lover of all things space. I remember my Boy Scout jacket was covered in Scout, Apollo and Gemini pins and patches.  I remember seeing Apollo 17 from Miami!

We came to Brevard County, with my mom and stepfather in 1973, so it was very exciting to watch the shuttle program begin. It was very exciting to be able to watch shuttle launches virtually out of our backyard. Everybody here knew somebody connected to/or worked for the Kennedy Space Center and NASA.

Monday night May 7th, on "ON THE FLIPSIDE" With Java John we shall celebrate HAIR!

Being the 50th anniversary of Hair! We will celebrate everything that is Hair!, 1967-69 plus, and hairy!

Celebrating David Bowie @ The Plaza Live, Orlando  3/15/18

Back in late 1972 or early 1973, Pat Galvin gave my dad a David Bowie record, “Space Oddity,” to give to me, because he didn't care for it very much, so he thought I should give it a try.

In no way could I ever have imagined then how that album would have affected the next 45 years of my artistic and personal life.