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Florida Tech Faculty and Staff Profile is a Program where Florida Tech Faculty and Staff have an Opportunity to Talk About Themselves, Their Accomplishments, Their Contributions to Florida Tech, and any New / Current Project Information They Wish to Share with our Listeners. The Pre-Recorded Program will Air on Mondays at 7:45 AM, during NPR's Morning Edition and at 5:45 PM during All Things Considered.  The Show Host is Florida Tech's Global Strategic Communication Graduate Student, EJ Castor.

FIT Faculty Profile

Dr. Heidi Hatfield Edwards, currently the Undergraduate Communication Programs Chair, will also become the Graduate Communication Programs Chair in Fall 2015.  Dr. Edwards stopped by the WFIT Studios to participate in a Florida Tech Faculty Profile and in speaking with EJ Castor, program host, discussed being a native Floridian, having grown up in Umatilla, Florida.  Dr.

Florida Tech Faculty Profile

Captain Winston E. Scott, Senior Vice President for External Relations and Economic Development, stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in a Florida Tech Faculty Profile which aired on 6 July 2015. Captain Scott spoke about the many positions he holds at Florida Tech.  As an Astronaut, Captain Scott is a Professor of Aeronautics; however, as he has a degree in Music, he is also a Professor in the Music Department and directs the Florida Tech Jazz Ensemble. 

Dr. Hector Gutierrez from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in a Florida Tech Faculty Profile.  He spoke with EJ Castor, show host, about his academic background that brought him to Florida Tech and about the many and continued opportunities in the Aerospace Industry.  Dr. Gutierrez also shared his perspective on the difference between Scientists and Engineers.  

Florida Institute of Technology

Dr. Kevin Burke, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Music Programs in the School of Arts and Communication, stopped by the WFIT studios to speak with EJ Castor, Host of Florida Tech Faculty Profile.  Dr. Burke shared his background information and spoke of the many options provided to students who wish to minor in Music at Florida Tech.  Dr. Burke also shared information on this summer's inaugural School of Rock music camp taking place here at the Florida Tech campus from 13 - 16 July 2015.