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Learn more about world cultures as brought to us by the diversity of our Florida Tech international student community. Tune in to our International Student Spotlights hosted by EJ Castor.

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Tereza Sedlakova

Tereza Sedlakova, an international student from Slovakia, is a member of the Florida Tech Women's Basketball Team.  She has been playing basketball since she was 12-years-old and absolutely loves the game.  She is excited to have an opportunity to play for Florida Tech.

Ankit Jain, an international student at Florida Institute of Technology, and a graduate student majoring in Computer Information Systems, is a philosopher at heart.  In this inspirational interview, Ankit shares quotes in his native language, Hindi, and shares his own favorite quote from Mother Teresa. While Ankit understands (obviously) the importance of computers in our personal lives, he also believes we've allowed ourselves to move away from the reality of our lives and into a virtual world, which, unfortunately, takes us away from engaging with members of our own family.

EJ Castor

Ryan Stanton is from Crawley, England and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Florida Tech. He is currently pursuing this degree as he is interested in working with high performance cars.

EJ Castor

Antoine Minet is a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering.  Antoine's parents are respectively from Belgium and Serbia and met in Zimbabwe, where Antoine's Dad was working with Doctors without Borders.  Antoine was born in Zimbabwe.  As a child, Antoine's family lived in Tanzania, Italy, and during the summers, Antoine stayed with relatives and lived in Belgium and Serbia.  When he was 7-years-old, his parents settled in Thailand.  Yes, he is an international soul.

EJ Castor

Harshitha Kiran, is a graduate student from Bangalore, India.  She is majoring  in computer science and enjoys working on projects that are research intensive.  Harshitha is interested in managing databases and is particularly interested in the security requirements associated with the proper maintenance of data