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Learn more about world cultures as brought to us by the diversity of our Florida Tech international student community. Tune in to our International Student Spotlights hosted by EJ Castor.

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Angel Vasquez

Theophilus Oguche, an international student from Nigeria, is majoring in Aerospace Engineering at Florida Tech. He has particularly enjoyed the aerospace engineering courses in aerodynamics and flight design.

EJ Castor

Fatima Fofana obtained her undergraduate degree in New York, and then returned to the Ivory Coast to work in the banking industry.

Rodolphe Routier Enjelvin

Rodolphe Routier Enjelvin stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in a Florida Tech International Student Spotlight, hosted and produced by EJ Castor.  Rodolphe came to Florida Tech from Nice, France where he was enrolled in the Skema Business School.

Vaibhav Roy

Ruhaan Eskander was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

EJ Castor

Ting An Lin, a graduate student in Engineering Management, stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in an International Student Spotlight.  Ting An is scheduled to graduate in December 2015 and will return to Taiwan to seek employment.  With the height of the hurricane season here in the US, he talked about the recent typhoon (another word for hurricane) that struck his home country, Taiwan.