International Student Spotlight

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Learn more about world cultures as brought to us by the diversity of our Florida Tech international student community. Tune in to our International Student Spotlights hosted by EJ Castor.

Ways to Connect

Usama Alharthi from Muscat, Oman, a Graduate Student in the Global Strategic Communications Program at Florida Tech joined EJ Castor at WFIT Broadcast Center to participate in an International Student  Spotlight.  

Usama talked with us about his experience in coming to the United States and how his own children adapted to living here. He talked about his own country, Oman, as  "land of adventure."

Meet EJ Castor - WFIT Station Intern

Feb 25, 2015

WFIT is pleased to introduce station intern, EJ Castor.

EJ Castor is originally from northwest Texas. She left Texas two weeks after High School graduation and moved to Heidelberg, Germany. For the next year, she worked in the Heidelberg American community to pay for opportunities to travel throughout Europe. 

Florida Tech has a diverse student body with enrollment from over one hundred different countries.

WFIT’s International Student Spotlight is an ongoing series created to celebrate individuals from across the globe.