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Friday 7:00 p.m. - 10 p.m.

A cornucopia of eclectic tunes from garage rock to surf punk to new & unique.....everything and enough to get your booty shaking.

It's already January 31st?  This wintry month flew by, but we heard a bunch of great new music.  Here's our playlist of some of our favorites released this month.

It’s the end of a year that had a plethora of fantastic new releases.  There is nothing more fun for radio people to get to unearth gems frequently and every month of 2019 had something to explore. Some older artist showed back up, some brand new artists got in the game. Here's 25 of our favorite albums of 2019.

Better Oblivion Community Center - Better Oblivion Community Center

We finally got some "Fall" weather on the Space Coast in November, and we got some great new music.

The weather stayed hot but we still got a bunch of new music in October.

What a hot summer it’s been! In between our daily afternoon deluges WFIT has been busy listening to some exciting new local releases.