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AMIkids Spacecoast Hosts Reverse Raffle Fundraiser November 2nd


You could win $10,000 and support AMIkids Spacecoast November 2nd at their biggest fundraiser at Viera Regional Community Center.  This family friendly event will feature food from over 15 local restaurants, beer and wine, silent auction & great prizes; including Original artwork, Costa Rica vacation, Home Remodeling, Signed sports memorabilia and more.  For more information:  

AMIkids provides our communities’ kids an opportunity to transform into responsible young adults.
Since 1969, AMIkids has been providing a structured, family environment to guide more than 115,000 youth back on track to becoming productive and contributing members of society.
The success of AMIkids’ programs lies in encouraging each of our kids to grow as individuals.
We help kids develop confidence and competency in vital life skills and educational areas, leading them to acceptance of personal responsibility and assisting them in making better choices.

Our Vision – Separating a troubled past from a bright future.

Our Mission – To protect public safety and positively impact as many youth as possible through the efforts of a diverse and innovative staff.

Our Values – Kids First, Integrity, Safety, Honesty, Diversity, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Excellence, Loyalty, Family, Dedication, Creativity, and Goal Orientation. 



  • Kids First – All key decisions are made on the basis of what’s best for the students in the program. All other priorities relate to this value.
  • Integrity – Doing what we say, when we said we would do it, or notifying the other party in advance.
  • Safety – Creation of a staff-secure environment that protects the public safety and where students and staff can function free from hazard of injury.
  • Honesty – Dealing with everyone who comes in contact with us in an upright truthful fashion.
  • Diversity – Understanding that we have more similarities than differences and recognizing that our differences strengthen us. Embracing diversity provides the best services to kids.
  • Enthusiasm – Operating with a strong inspirational display of excitement and commitment to the mission and goals of AMIkids.
  • Leadership – To unite all members of a richly diverse team so as to achieve excellence in services to our kids. To influence and go before others in our effort to role model, recognize and value diversity.
  • Excellence – Our goal is to be the best. Our promise is to pursue any strategy that might improve service.
  • Loyalty – Our company is operated in such a way that no one should be asked to compromise on ethical issues. On all other issues, each employee has two obligations: 1) to make every effort to communicate pertinent facts and opinions, and 2) to implement the final decision with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Family – Creation of an environment that provides warmth, discipline and empowerment for students and staff.
  • Dedication – A personal commitment to provide exceptional service to individual kids and their families.
  • Creativity – Each employee strives to create an environment which fosters new ideas and champions them to make those ideas reality, with the goal of providing the safest, most effective service.
  • Goal Orientation – We are a result-oriented organization that believes in setting goals and pursuing the most direct and effective paths to achieving those goals.

Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.