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Innovation A Key to Success

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learning Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Florida Tech

Meeting the challenges of the constantly evolving business landscape with innovative ideas requires today’s entrepreneurs to be able to identify opportunities in the marketplace, have the knowledge of new product development and be able to monetarily capitalize on these solutions. Through Florida Tech’s Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE), students acquire the experiential learning skills that help them streamline this process and capitalize on creating commercially viable innovations. This 30-credit hour program challenges students to not only recognize these unique opportunities but also test them in the marketplace.

The “IDEAL” Advantage

Innovation, Diversity, Ethics, and Leadership (IDEAL)

Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Leaders to Manage Innovation and Change

At Florida Tech, learning innovation and entrepreneurship involves hands-on experience that gets you out of the classroom and in front of customers, vendors, manufacturers, banks and venture capitalists. We expect you to engage with customers and network with vendors and manufacturers to validate marketability, prototype and production cost. We expect you to sell your idea to venture capitalists, prospects and potential customers because we don’t just teach you innovation and entrepreneurship; we develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills. Our approach to teaching innovation and entrepreneurship is radically different than other programs. We encourage you to take risks and to fail. We encourage you to fail early in the curriculum so you may learn from these failures and become a successful entrepreneur, building new businesses or enriching existing organizations, upon graduation.

Learning creativity at Florida Tech means real-life experiences. We not only teach you the theory behind what makes a successful entrepreneur, we challenge you to test those tools in the field as you launch your own business. Courses, faculty and local mentors provide the platform for you to either launch real-life businesses or create “pitch-ready” projects primed for further development and capital. Learning innovation and entrepreneurship at Florida Tech provides a wealth of résumé-worthy experiences and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Florida Tech is a member of International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP.) Students who complete the MSIE program will have developed the competencies necessary, and may be eligible to sit for the exam to become a Certified Innovation Professional through the IAOIP.

"The days of developing a static business plan have expired. Constant innovation and creative disruption have taken center stage in the digital economy. It will be up to you to speak directly to market stakeholders, revise strategic directions, and implement the actions that will make your company stand out above the rest."

- Dr. Abram Walton, Ph.D., Dr. Scott Benjamin, Ph.D.

Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.