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Palestine /Israel Opening the Dialog SCPA's Thursday Event

Palestine/Israel: Opening up the Dialogue Featured

Written by  Team SCPA
Palestine/Israel: Opening up the Dialogue 


Opening up the Dialogue

T H U R S D A Y, A P R I L 4th  / 6 : 3 0 P.M.


It seems to be increasingly difficult to have a candid and open

discussion about the longstanding problems shared by Palestine and

Israel and all the people who have personal concerns there.

People are reluctant to bring up the subject and express their

views without being accused of prejudice or taking sides.


The Space Coast Progressive Alliance takes the side of all

people who are repressed or threatened. We stand for educating our

members and the public on factual information in order for

people to make up their own minds.


SCPA has gathered a powerful group of speakers who have

dedicated their lives to this issue. We are sure that people will leave

the evening feeling more informed and understanding. We required

of our speakers and our audience that no expression of hatred,

enticement to violence, or oppression of anyone is acceptable.


We take no sides on this issue other than the free enlightenment

of our community.




Raed Alshaibi - a long-time U.S. citizen and 18-yr Brevard resident is a

progressive activist in the areas of social justice, politics and the environment.

Born to Palestinian/Lebanese parents, Raed became a refugee at the

age of one. Educated in the States he earned a MBA degree and a Bachelor

of Science in the hospitality industry. Today Raed is active in interfaith

dialogue with a goal to educate and eradicate prejudice and discrimination

toward minorities in our society. He also serves as SCPA vice president.


Adi Davidov - from Tel-Aviv Israel, is a college senior from Florida

Tech majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Sustainability

Development. Based on personal experience Adi believes that

both sides suffer from extensive miscommunication. He feels

that common ground can be found, but both sides will have to

accommodate and "meet halfway" to enable peace and prosperity.


Alan Levine - constitutional and civil rights lawyer. Has represented

Palestinian activists, political protestors, and Muslims who faced

anti-Muslim racism. Works on cases related to Palestine. He is also

a founding member of Jews Say No! jewssayno.org


Rasha Mubarek - President at Young Democrats of Orange County,

Co-founder at Floridians Responding to Refugees, President at

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund - Orlando pcrf.net, on Board of

Directors at Muslim Women's Organization mwo-orlando.org,

Co-founder of Arab Fest and Former Central Florida Regional

Director at Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida cair.com


Donna Nevel - a community psychologist and educator, is

co-director of PARCEO parceo.org, a participatory research center.

She is a founding member of Jews Say No! jewssayno.org and

the Facing the Nakba Project, was a national board member of

Jewish Voice for Peace jewishvoiceforpeace.org, and is a

co-founder of Jews Against Anti-Muslim Racism jaamr.com.


T H U R S D A Y, A P R I L 4th  / 6 : 3 0 P.M.

As always, FREE and open to the public.

Front St. Civic Center, 2205 S. Front St.,

Melbourne, FL 32901


Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.