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Bye Bye, Ronnie, Ronnie Bye Bye

I’ve been extremely saddened to hear of the loss of Ms Ronnie Spector (Born Veronica Yvette Greenfield, last week. The songs of the Ronettes, were among the very first songs I’d heard in my life, and liked! Being three years old when they came out, for the longest time I remembered them for their Christmas songs. Which of course are wonderful.

About 10 years after the Ronettes hit the scene, my dad and his friend from New Jersey decided that they wanted to put on a rock ‘n’ roll revival concert in South Florida. Because rock ‘n’ roll revival concerts were hot that year!

Sadly, not so hot, when you have Sly and the family Stone, and Alice Cooper, bookending this show at Pirates World in South Florida! The gig only sold about 1200 seats, and the only good news about that, was I was allowed to sit front row center!

I remember meeting Ronnie Spector, and Mary Wells, But I often wondered why I didn’t get to go backstage? I think it occurred to me why this week! I was 13 years old; it was 1973, there must’ve been some partying going on back there. The old gang got back together!

That same month the newly refurbished Pirate's World, close down forever. Sadly.

Nonetheless, I was beside myself that night. I’ve already seen several live performances at the Dade County youth fair, including Johnny Nash, and Kenny Rogers in the First Edition, but this was in a larger hall.

All of the bands were great, but I came to see the Ronettes, who were second to last on the bill, before Chubby Checker who was also great that night, except that I was sitting in the front row and he sweat all over me every time did th twist!

Tonight On The FlipSide We remember Ronnie Spector and friends

Rest in peace Veronica

Java John Goldacker 1/16/22


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