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The Broken Bells Ring Clear


Broken Bells were an alternative radio hit with their self-titled debut album, but could their sophomore disc live up to the hype?

The duo made up of Danger Mouse (Brian Burton,) and James Mercer, the lead singer of the The Shins, looked to do just that when they released their second full length album this month, the interestingly titled After the Disco, released on January 14.

The title of Broken Bells latest record may be After the Disco, but the album ironically evokes almost Bee Gees-esque vocals throughout.

Kicking off with the track “Perfect World,” the duo jumps right in with thought provoking lyrics “I’ve got nothing left. It’s kind of wonderful, ‘cause there’s nothing they can take away,” all while keeping your head bobbing and leg thumping.

The album continues on with this theme through “After the Disco,” “Holding On For Life,” “Leave It Alone,” before finally hitting a slight wall of a few less memorable tracks. One of the final songs on the album, “The Angel and the Fool,” has an almost renaissance feel to it, pairing it with the dark lyrics of a girl lost in the world.

After the Disco does an incredible job at providing listeners with a layered music experience. The deep lyrics are set to a catchy electro backdrop, making it the perfect album for both getting ready to hit the town or sitting around contemplating one’s life, an attribute many artists swing and miss at.

Though the album lacks many clear standouts in terms of potential radio hits, it is without a doubt a solid record worthy of any audiophile’s collection.