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Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization Issues Public Safety Messages

WFIT has partnered with the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization (Space Coast TPO) and will be airing several Public Safety Messages issued by this regional, multi-jurisdictional agency.

According to their website, the Space Coast TPO is "mandated by Federal and State law to provide a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process in order for Federal and State transportation funds to be spent in the Space Coast area...and to establish project priorities which are considered by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) when programming State and Federal transportation funds." 

The TPO strongly encourages public involvement in planning the expenditure of funds and developing projects. Please check the agency's Public Involvement page for further information.

Second, on the list of the Space Coast TPO's "Important Information and Updates" is a link to their Public Safety Messages page. Here you will find TPO- supported messages with links to the Florida Bicycle Association's website, the FDOT's Alert Today Alive Tomorrow and Distraction.gov - the official U.S. government's website that addresses the hazards of distracted driving. Many of the messages are targeted directly to teenage drivers and bicyclists and the graphics alone are compelling, startling and thought-provoking.


At this point I must confess that these messages caused me to take stock of my personal negligence in regards to distracted driving. On many an occasion I've allowed myself a quick cell phone message check and have engaged in conversations while behind the wheel.


I've also been cavalier about choosing not to use a bicycle helmet on short rides "around the neighborhood." How can we get young bicyclists to understand the life and death seriousness of this risky behavior when so many adults neglect this basic safety precaution?

Thankfully, the Space Coast TPO is helping to spread the word about the catastrophic consequences of distracted driving and bike helmet usage. I urge you to take stock and to share these important resources with everyone you know.