live performance

Lisa Ferrigno
Brevard Symphony Orchestra

BSO Concertmaster Lisa Ferrigno will perform the virtuosic solo violin part in Vivaldi’s most well-known work, The Four Seasons. Each “Season” is considered a violin concerto on its own, though all four are typically performed together, and are collectively known as some of the most acclaimed programmatic compositions of all time. Listen carefully for a barking dog, buzzing flies, drunk dancers, and the crackling of a warm fire.

The Florida Tech Music Department

Winners of the 2019 American Prize in Chamber Music, Seraph Brass is a dynamic ensemble drawing from a roster of America's top female brass players. Seraph Brass released its debut album, Asteria, on Summit Records, winning a Silver Medal Global Music Award. Seraph Brass is in residency at the Walton Art Center’s Artosphere Festival, alongside the Dover Quartet, in the festival orchestra. More information at:, or 321-674-8082.

Blue Cypress Bluegrass

The Blue Cypress Bluegrass band specializes in traditional style bluegrass, old-time classic country, Americana, Bluegrass, harmonies, Gospel, ballads, train songs, pioneer music, and more! Musicians include lead vocals and tight while multi-instrumental with acoustic instruments. They always leave the crowd pleased and wanting more!

Melbourne Community Orchestra

What better way to start the New Year than with an evening of orchestra Jazz favorites. The night heats up when the Swingtime Jazz Band joins MCO. A perfect collaboration of music groups.
As an organization, the MCO strives to increase the appreciation of orchestral and instrumental music through free public performances and education. They have been committed to the Arts and seeking to promote cultural pursuits and the education of young and developing musicians for over 25 years.