Station Announcement

The Islands of the Bahamas has released a list of charities it is specifically working with for donations of money or goods. You can find the complete list on the Islands of the Bahamas website.

Private Radio host Sandman with Stray Cat Lounge host Joni-O
Jack Garrison

WFIT music host Sandman has spent a lifetime attending concerts including many in other countries. A lifetime lived according to his passions - art, music, film, travel, food and wine - led him to WFIT in 1999 and to the creation of PrivateRadio

Sadly, Jeanne Kelly is heading North and leaving WFIT. Join Jeanne and Mary on Tuesday June 11th at 7pm for a Farewell show. 

LA Johnson / NPR

NPR is thrilled to announce its first ever Student Podcast Challenge

Award-winning journalist Amy Goodman to moderate voting rights and Amendment 4 discussion in Melbourne on October 20.