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Painting by John Trumbull. Courtesy of the Library of Congress
Wikimedia Commons

Mozart in the Sky with Diamonds

That's a big box of American music up in the Attic, and we'll look through it this Fourth of July starting with music from the revolutionary colonies  to the 20th century as we listen to composers William Billings, Samuel Barber, Richard Rogers, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, George Gershwin, Ned Rorem, and more.

Maybe we'll find some surprises; after all, you never know what you might come across in the Attic.

Pianist Gerald More

Something a little different this week: we have an accompanied lecture on, well, the artistry of musical accompanists

Pianist Gerald More produced a album, something of a dog and pony show, defending his profession. This he did with no small amount of wit. He also pointed out some points of performance that are easy to overlook but that really ought to be appreciated.

Grab yourself a tankard of mead and join us for a visit to Medieval and Renaissance England this week. We'll visit the cloisters, the courts, and the alehouses -- not too much time in the cloisters, though. This is music that's fun... and maybe even a little bit naughty.


If you were looking for truth in music, you found The O’Jays. If you wanted to dance, you listened to The O’Jays.

After 60 years in the music business, The O’Jays have just made their final album The Last Word. In this one hour special, founding members Eddie Levert and Walter Williams take you behind the scenes that made them R&B legends and into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Hear it this Friday 12:00pm for “Funky Friday” on Sound Waves only on WFIT 89.5 FM.


After the death of Russian artist Victor Hartmann, a memorial showing of some of his works was held in St. Petersburg. Modeste Moussorgsky attended, and then sat down to compose his musical impressions of some of the paintings that were on display. Later, Maurice Ravel orchestrated Moussorgsky's score, and Pictures at an Exhibition has been an audience favorite ever since.

We'll look at Moussorgsky's tribute to his friend and fellow Russian nationalist on this week's program.