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Many an attic has a box labeled "Christmas Stuff," and Mozart's is no exception.

This Sunday  we'll have some holiday music for you that doesn't include Santa Claus, Rudolph, or roasting chestnuts.

We march to a different drummer here on WFIT.

It's our annual Handel's Messiah program this Sunday with performance of the complete oratorio, beginning at six. t only happens once a year on Mozart's Attic, so be sure not to miss it.

We look at some of the lighter music associated with Vienna in the 19th century this week: works of Johann Strauss, the Waltz KIng; Franz von Suppe, the operetta impressario; and others from the days of gemutlichkeit and schmaltz. Later in the program, we'll hear another side of Vienna with music of Arnold Schoenberg and Gustav Mahler.

You can get the recipe for Mama Stamberg's cranberry sauce every year from NPR, but only Mozart's Attic will tell you how to use up your turkey leftovers and honor soprano Luisa Tetrazzini at the same time. We'll tell you about it this Sunday, but here's what you need for Nathalie Irene's Turkey Tetrazzini:

Carl Orff

In 1936, Carl Orff set two-dozen poems from a 13th-century manuscript to music evocative of the Middle Ages. We'll look at his Carmina Burana on this Sunday's program. Then we'll go back to the original manuscripts from the 1200s -- and even earlier --  with some realizations of what this music might actually have sounded like in its time.