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In his short life, Franz Schubert produced a tremendous body of music of a quality that places him firmly among the great masters, very little of it reflecting the poverty, disease, and rejection that he struggled with.

He was born 222 years ago this Thursday, and we'll observe the occasion with a two-hour Schubertiad of our own.

Arnold Schoenberg's influence loomed large over the composers and academics of the 20th century, but his complex, atonal serialism was never a favorite with the concert-going public. This week we'll look at a few of his earlier, more accessible works that most people can enjoy.

Then we'll have a little party up in the attic to celebrate Mozart's birthday, upcoming on the 27th.

We have a winner! After soul searching deliberation by our panel of judges the winner of the 2019 Garage Band Contest is….….Dunies

The Dunies capture the spirit of a young band performing 2/12 minute classic surf rock sounds. They are releasing a new EP soon.

This up and coming band from Cocoa Beach area will perform at our Sonic Waves Festival April 13.

Igor Stravinsky
Erich Auerbach/Getty Images

Stuck in Switzerland during World War I, Igor Stravinsky was in a pickle. There were no royalties coming from Paris for his ballets, and his home in Russia was off the table due to the revolution. He was slowly going broke.

To keep the wolf from his door, he came up with a miniature stage production based upon an old Russian fairy tale about a returning-home soldier and his Faustian  bargains with the devil.

With its small cast and orchestra, l'Histoire du Soldat traveled from town to town, almost like a vaudeville, and it's our featured work this week.

This week we skip across the Atlantic from music of the French Renaissance and Baroque to the colony of New France -- Eastern Canada, in other words -- and some battle music from the very early 1700s.

Then we'll look at some 20th-century music written by a pair of Canadians that most people know, one way or another, but  don't usually think of as classical music composers.