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2 Tropical Storms to keep churning through Atlantic and Caribbean into this weekend

Tropical Storms Bret and Cindy are strong systems on 2 different paths, but both will become depressions without ever reaching hurricane status.

Tropical Storm Bret is now in the Eastern Caribbean and will start a weakening trend on Friday. By Saturday evening or early Sunday, Bret will likely become a depression as it continues to move through an environment of high wind shear. Afterwards, the system will struggle to survive as it heads toward Central America.

Tropical Storm Cindy will find favorable conditions for strengthening as it heads northwest through the Central Atlantic the next day or two. By Sunday, Cindy will encounter less warm waters and patches of wind shear that will likely weaken the storm through the end of the forecast cycle next week. However, Cindy will still be a story and need to be watched as the storm approaches the Bahamas and Bermuda.

Having two named storms in the tropics is highly unusual in the month of June, so this is a very rare start for the 2023 Hurricane Season.

To monitor this storm and everything in the Tropics to keep you aware and prepared, please download the Florida Storms app.